Judge Andrew Napolitano was on “Shepard Smith Reporting” today following the news that the Secret Service director had resigned.

Secret Service Director Julia Pierson stepped down following security lapses that made headlines. First, a fence jumper made it as far as the East Room on Sept. 19 before being apprehended by an off-duty Secret Service agent. Then came reports that a convicted felon who was carrying a gun was allowed in an elevator with President Barack Obama.

“This is a terrible black eye for the administration, literally in the president’s backyard,” Napolitano said. He speculated that Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson told Pierson to resign, and he remarked that Pierson was “woefully ill prepared” for the committee briefing yesterday.

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“How could you let somebody with a gun get in a small elevator with the president?” he asked.

Napolitano also remarked that there seems to be a perception that Obama “wants warm and fuzzy Secret Service as opposed to palace guards Secret Service,” but that the agency’s job is to keep the president alive and safe.

Napolitano said that the Secret Service must be revamped in the wake of these security lapses.

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