John McCain and Joe Lieberman were on “Hannity” to weigh in on Barack Obama, ISIS and the Oklahoma beheading.

“This the-dog-ate-my-homework routine is getting a little tiresome,” McCain said of Barack Obama. “It started with six years with BIOB – blame it on Bush – and now the JV is turned into more, has turned into Super Bowl contestants.”

McCain said that the airstrikes against ISIS remind him of the Vietnam War and the “gradual escalation which caused us to lose it.” He said we must have boots on the ground to defeat ISIS.

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Lieberman told Sean Hannity that we are at war, and Hannity questioned why Obama won’t say it. Lieberman said that perhaps Obama is concerned that if he says we are at war, Congress will have to authorize his actions.

“But you got to tell it as it is,” Lieberman said.

He also discussed the Oklahoma beheading, calling the suspect “an individual who had obviously turned toward violent Islam.”

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