Alton Nolen's alleged murderous rampage at a Moore, Oklahoma, food processing plant was stopped by the quick action and two gunshots of company COO Mark Vaughan, who is also a sheriff’s deputy.

Vaughan's heroics spared "untold" lives, according to the Moore Police Department.

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After yet another example of how guns can save lives, Judge Andrew Napolitano joined Steve Doocy on Fox and Friends to discuss why President Obama and his administration continue to wage a war on the Second Amendment.

Judge Nap said that despite any other philosophical, constitutional or legal ramifications about the right to bear arms that this might touch off, Vaughan, as a part-time sheriff's officer, was licensed to carry a gun.

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"The practical argument is ... more guns equals less crime," Judge Nap said. "Why? Because the bad guys fear reactive violence from the victim or someone around the victim more than they fear getting caught."

"That will at least give them pause, or it will stop them in their tracks, as happened here."

Judge Nap added that the problem is that Obama continues to impair gun rights and thinks he knows how to protect us better than we know how to protect ourselves.

"If more people were legally armed, there would be less violence, period. Whether it's monsters trying to destroy us or whether it's a crackpot in the workplace or a nutjob in the street."

Watch the clip from Fox and Friends above.

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