Hobby Lobby President Steve Green talked to Steve Doocy today in his first nationally televised interview since the company's landmark Supreme Court victory.

Green said the objection to ObamaCare's contraception mandate was never about contraception in general, but just four drugs that "take life."

Doocy asked for Green's thoughts on the left's characterization of the company's lawsuit against the Obama administration being a "war on women."

Green said there was a lot of misconceptions and "misconstruing" of the company's stance on birth control.

Green also discussed the effort he is leading to open the National Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C., on which the ground-breaking has just begun.

He said the choices for the location were D.C., New York, and Dallas, but surveys showed it would be "best attended" in the nation's capital.

The $800 million, eight-floor, 430,000-square foot museum is scheduled to open in 2017. Green said the goal is to bring the Bible to life and to give the visitor a greater appreciation for the Bible.