Gretchen Carlson celebrated one year on The Real Story today, thanking her fans and all of the people behind the scenes that make the show happen.

In the highlight video above, Gretchen shared some of the most memorable moments from the show.  

"Thank you so much for watching," Gretchen said, adding she could never do the show each day without her "amazing crew and staff."

Here are some of our favorite stories that Gretchen brought to us in her first year after going from the couch to the anchor's desk!

Man Hikes Grand Canyon to Raise Money for Veterans

One man's quest to raise money for veterans has turned into a "Grand" undertaking.

Matthew Vance phoned into "The Real Story" in the midst of his "2014 Feat for Justice" fundraising hike from rim-to-rim-to-rim of the Grand Canyon, covering 48 miles and an elevation change of more than 20,000 feet. It was all to raise money for veterans of the U.S. military who need legal assistance.

Baby Gets Brain Surgery After Veteran Mother Appears on ‘Real Story’

Tessa Snodgrass appeared on "The Real Story" back in July to tell the story of her 7-month old daughter, Savannah, who was stricken with a brain tumor and whose lifesaving brain surgery was initially declined by her insurance provider.

Snodgrass, a veteran of the U.S. military who had to wait for more than three years to get her VA benefits, returned to talk about the insurer's change of heart - which happened one day after Snodgrass appeared on the program in July - and her daughter's successful brain surgery and recovery.

‘Hurts to See Ferguson Turned Into a War Zone’: Volunteers Clean Up After Riots

Volunteers are trying to pick up the pieces in Ferguson, cleaning up the streets every day following the nightly protests in Ferguson, Missouri.

Marine’s Email Sparks Effort to Provide Troops Overseas with Vital Supplies

A single email sparked a growing movement to make sure that our troops have exactly what they need overseas. Four years ago, a Marine captain wrote to his longtime friend to say that his unit was in need of medical supplies.

Inspiring Story: Blind Man Earns Auto-Mechanics Degree

A blind man is making his dreams come true by earning an auto-mechanics degree from New Mexico State University.

Good News for Waffle House Waitress Who Was Denied a $1,000 Tip

A waitress was given the tip of a lifetime, only to have her boss refuse to let her keep it. Gretchen Carlson spoke to that waitress, Shaina Brown.

Vet on VA Waiting List for Over a Year Finally Receives Heart Surgery

Retired Marine Corp veteran David Isham, who appeared previously on "The Real Story," finally received heart surgery after the VA hospital in Phoenix kept him waiting for over a year.

Heroic Teen Saves Disabled Vets From Arkansas Tornado

A story of heroism is emerging out of the deadly tornadoes that struck the Little Rock, Arkansas area Sunday. Christian Gunter, 19, made sure 10 disabled veterans made it to safety.