Ed Henry reported the latest from the White House (above) this morning as the Obama administration faces questions about what the intelligence community was telling the president about the threat from ISIS.

When asked if he was "surprised" by ISIS taking control of territory, President Obama said on "60 Minutes" Sunday that Director of National Intelligence James Clapper had previously admitted to underestimating the ISIS threat.

The White House said Monday that the president was not trying to blame anyone else, arguing "everybody" was surprised by the rapid advance of ISIS.

Henry pointed to Jen Psaki's interview on Fox and Friends this morning in which the State Department spokeswoman said the administration had been tracking the Khorasan group for two years.

Henry said that "sounds contradictory" with what the president said on Sunday about being surprised about the terror threats.

Henry also pointed out that in February at a Senate hearing, Clapper and other officials warned of a power vacuum developing in Iraq and about the growing threat from ISIS and other groups operating in Syria.

Furthermore, Henry pointed to a new report from the New York Times in which many anonymous officials say the president was repeatedly warned about ISIS, but did not want to go back to war in Iraq.

"He was determined not to be dragged back into war [in Iraq] and, it appears, ignored some of those warnings," said Henry.

Meantime, a new Breitbart report claims President Obama has missed more than half of his daily intelligence briefings, known officially as the Presidential Daily Brief (PDB).

In a report last night, Catherine Herridge (video below) revealed that the president had military options on the table to target Khorasan and ISIS leadership for the past 18 months.

Herridge said the military intelligence source she spoke to "completely undercut the idea" that the intel community was not on top of ISIS.

Herridge reported that intelligence about the rise of ISIS and Khorasan was contained in the PDB for more than a year.