A “Special Report” panel blasted the Secret Service this evening over the White House security breach, in which a fence jumper made it as far as the East Room.

During testimony in front of a House committee today, Secret Service Director Julia Pierson said that “mistakes were made.”

“It’s an official crisis now because we’ve heard the three magic words – ‘Mistakes were made,’” George Will remarked, adding that "there is obviously something wrong with the culture of the Secret Service agency."

“I have a theory, and it is that this results, in part, because the Secret Service is the most uncontrolled bureaucracy in this town, because no one wants to say, ‘Enough security,’ because the axiom by which the Secret Service operates is, ‘You can’t have too much safety,’ which is preposterous,” Will said.

A new report also surfaced this evening, which says that a security contractor, who was carrying a gun and had three felony convictions, was allowed to ride an elevator with President Barack Obama.

Juan Williams said that this was more than just a violation of protocol – the man had a gun, and the Secret Service was not aware.

In response to the fence jumping incident, there will be more searches of people who are walking by the White House.

“The penalty is being imposed on the American people, not on the Secret Service,” he said.

Charles Krauthammer agreed with Williams, saying “The problem is not outside the gates, it is inside the gates.”

He blasted the Secret Service, saying, “This is an agency that is lax, not doing its job and is absolutely out of control.”

Watch the panel above.

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