The "Outnumbered" panel took on the mainstream media for comparing Chelsea Clinton's departure from a New York hospital to Kate Middleton and Prince William's unveiling of Prince George last year. 

CNN immediately made the comparison Monday, while E! wrote that Chelsea had just "channeled Kate Middleton." Many remarked that Chelsea's dress was similar to Kate's.

Robert Reich, the former Labor Secretary under President Clinton, took issue with the overblown coverage on his Facebook page:

"I’ve known Chelsea Clinton since she was a little girl, and I’m very happy for her and her husband that they now have a little girl of their own. But I’m not sure the news merits the headlines it’s getting. America does not have a royal family whose births of every grand child are widely noted. Here, no royal heirs will someday assume the throne. Or have I missed something?" Reich wrote.

Andrea Tantaros said even if the moment was scripted, she has no issue with it.

"I would have a hair and makeup team there too. ... Everybody needs to leave Chelsea alone," said Tantaros.

Then again, Bill and Hillary "photo-bombed" the whole thing, said Bernard McGuirk, arguing that Mr. and Mrs. Clinton never pass up a moment in the spotlight.

Harris Faulkner said she doesn't remember the "Clinton News Network" comparing Jenna Bush's baby to British royals.

Tantaros said it's not really a "Fox News alert" that the mainstream media loves the Clintons, adding the CNN hosts were simply stating a fact that the first appearance of baby Charlotte Mezvinsky looked a lot like Prince George's debut.

Watch the segment above and let us know what you think.