President Obama has now admitted that the United States “underestimated” the rise of ISIS and overestimated the will of the Iraqi Army to fight the brutal terror group.

In a stunning "60 Minutes" interview, the president also did not deny that U.S. airstrikes are actually helping dictatorial Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

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“The problem with the president, I think, on this issue, is you almost can’t believe anything coming out of his mouth going forward,” Charlie Gasparino said on Outnumbered today, adding that the president must be either completely unprepared or so deeply opposed to any military invention that he’ll say anything to stop it.

Andrea Tantaros noted that numerous intelligence officials have been warning Obama about ISIS for the past year.

Not only that, ISIS successfully captured the cities of Fallujah and Ramadi in a direct display of its growing power.

Jedediah Bila blasted the president, asking why he didn't know about the rise of ISIS if everyone else did. Where was he during the intelligence briefings? Bila asked.

“You’re the president of the United States — if anyone is supposed to be on top of all of this, it’s you,” she said, adding that Obama confuses the messaging when he talks about U.S. intervention.

“Are we in there to destroy these guys or are we in there to push them back? Stop confusing the messaging and stop trying to pass the buck along to somebody else," Bila said.

"You’re the president. If anyone was supposed to be on top of this from day one, you are the guy that was supposed to be that person."

Watch the whole clip from Outnumbered above.

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