Controversial Muslim cleric Anjem Choudary returned to “Hannity” for a fiery and shocking debate following his arrest in London on terror charges.

The imam defended the taking and killing of western hostages, telling Sean Hannity that “if you look at the whole picture, you’ll find in fact there’s another story.”

But Hannity challenged that, saying, “One guy was an aide worker who went to Syria to help innocent children. I hardly think he was a guy who deserved to have his head chopped off because you believe in a caliphate.”

Choudary discussed his desire to live under Sharia in the Islamic State.

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“Of course I would love to live under the Sharia […] I would love to bring up my children under Sharia, and in fact my passport was in fact taken on Friday so obviously it makes it difficult for me to travel now,” he told Hannity.

On the topic of suicide bombing, he explained, “There’s nothing called suicide in Islam. There is something called using your body sometimes in the battle field against the enemy.”

Hannity pressed the Muslim cleric on statements he has made regarding terrorism and ISIS.

“You say you should be proud to be a terrorist, proud to join ISIS,” Hannity challenged.

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Choudary said that “if terrorism is standing up for Islam and saying that the people have a right to defend themselves, then obviously, you know, we’re quite happy to be labeled.”

Watch the interview above.