Churchgoers are accustomed to opening their wallets or purses at religious services to make a donation to their parish. One church in Chicago, however, recently turned this idea on its head and sent congregates home with a $500 check.

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When LaSalle Street Church received $1.6 million from a real estate deal done 35 years ago, Senior Pastor Laura Truax and church authorities decided to do something unexpected with a portion the fortune: give it to the church's regular members and attendees and tell them to do whatever the Lord tells them to do.

“What were we going to do with this big gift?” Truax said to Anna Kooiman on Fox and Friends Weekend this morning.

She explained that many community members have been offering suggestions for what to do with the money, including everything from building an Ebola clinic in Africa to giving with generosity in day-to-day life.

“There are people who are doing big things and small things with it,” Truax explained, adding that each person's decision of what to do with the $500 is a chance to grow, learn and share.

“At some level, we wanted to make real for people what happens every day in our lives, that you and I and everyone in this room has been gifted with stuff. And there’s a responsibility on us every day. What are we going to do with this stuff that’s really not ours?”

“Are we going to invest in the kingdom, invest in those around us, or not?"

Watch the feel-good clip from Fox and Friends Weekend above.

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