Four adults and three children were rescued near Sanibel Island, Florida, after their boat capsized after being hit by a massive wave Saturday morning.

The group was participating in a local fishing tournament when their boat was flipped.

After clinging to the vessel for hours, all seven lives were saved from the water by Sanibel Fire and Rescue, the U.S. Coast Guard and other first responders.

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Fox4 reported:

Grant Lacy of the U.S. Coast Guard said a man aboard the boat called his wife, who called for help around 10:15 Saturday morning.

A Lee County Sheriff's Office helicopter saw the group from the sky and caught the rescue on tape.

Lacy said Sanibel Fire and Rescue was first on scene.

"All seven lives were saved. Sanibel Fire made it out around 11:15. They were able to retrieve all seven people from the water, kids first," he said.

Then other first responders in the area joined in the rescue.

The Coast Guard said this accident is one of many.

According to Coast Guard reports, in cases where capsizing was the first event in a boating accident, there were 58 deaths in Florida in 2013.

Which means this story could have ended much differently.

"The situation went OK due to the fact that they had life saving equipment on board. They were able to put on their life jackets, and they were able to make a phone call before going in the water," Lacy said.

And in light of this rescue, Lacy urges boaters to grab their life saving gear before jumping on the water. 

"It has a purpose to it. Every single thing from the sound producing device, to flares.. everything on board helps to save lives," he said.

U.S. Coast Guard officials don't know why the boat capsized, but believe a wave came over the back of the back of it.

Not only were the seven lives saved - the boat was saved too.

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Watch the clip from Fox and Friends Weekend above and check out the full video from a Lake County Sheriff's helicopter below.



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