In his opening remarks last night, Mike Huckabee recapped a busy week, including Russian President Vladimir Putin weighing in on U.S. airstrikes in Syria, President Obama's speech at the UN, New York City's massive climate march, the White House fence-jumper and the resignation of Attorney General Eric Holder, of which Huckabee said, "Hopefully the political games played will go with him."

Watch Huckabee's remarks above and read a full transcript below.

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President Obama ordered airstrikes against ISIS in Syria, which was condemned by Vladimir Putin because he thought we ought to respect the sovereign borders of Syria.   And if anyone knows something about respecting someone borders, it's Vladimir Putin!  Meanwhile, the President took his road show to the United Nations this week to explain how the Islamic jihadist terrorists aren't religious.  Gee, they don't seem to know that, since all their killings are done in the name of their religion. 

But the President did apologize for America, and made sure to remind everyone of the riots in Ferguson, Missouri, which best I can tell had nothing to do with the UN, ISIS, terrorism, Ebola or anything America ought to feel guilty about.  I share no more blame for the events in Ferguson as I do for the tons of trash left on the streets of Manhattan by the big crowd that marched for the environment and demanded action to stop climate change.  I just wonder if the trash they left was all biodegradable and could be put into a compost?

Speaking of threats, An Iraqi war veteran suffering from PTS jumped the fence at the White House, ran across the lawn and made it inside the unlocked front door before finally being stopped by the Secret Service.  Amazingly, the Secret Service tried to spin the complete breakdown of what is supposed to be the most secure residence in the world by congratulating themselves for showing such restraint in not turning loose the dogs or stopping the intruder with a bullet. You know, it's a good thing the intruder showed restraint and didn't show up wearing a bomb or carrying a vial of anthrax.  Perhaps the intruder had heard that we weren't guarding our borders anymore and that people were jumping the fence and he thought that meant the White House as well.

And some great news: Eric "The With-Holder" has resigned as Attorney General and the head of the "Injustice" Department. 

Holder has been masterful at withholding information from Congress.  Most people step down and announce they want to spend more time with their family; Holder probably wants to devote more time to investigating the bullying of the conservative groups by the IRS and the magical disappearance of Lois Lerner emails, or maybe to go after the people who killed Bryan Terry with a gun that was supplied by our own government to Mexican drug gangs, or maybe he'll finally punish someone for illegally digging into emails from the AP or Fox News' James Rosen.  And no doubt he wants to finally bring to justice the Black Panthers who waved baseball bats in Philadelphia in order to suppress voters.  Forgive me if I won't shed crocodile tears over Holder's resignation.  And his race has nothing to do with it.  It's about his letting the Justice Department run roughshod over the Constitutional rights of Americans who were foolish enough to think that their government was going to protect them instead of spy on their emails and phone calls.   Silly me.  Oh well, he's gone, and hopefully the political games played will go with him.  And that was our week.

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