On "Bulls & Bears" today, Brenda Buttner and the panel examined the cost of the war against ISIS, which the Pentagon has stated is up to $10 million per day on airstrikes alone.

Seeing this massive cost, some have begun to call for a war on the United States' $17.7 trillion national debt, so we actually have enough money to win the fight against radical Islam.

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Tracy Byrnes said our national debt is indeed adding to our national security threat, and she called for "slush fund" for the war against terrorism.

"We're not focusing on what, basically, is Congress' only job: to protect us and pay to protect us, and they're not doing that," Byrnes stated. "We can't afford this fight with ISIS, and it's so sad."

Gary B. Smith pointed out that the U.S. defense budget is $700 billion a year, more than the next six countries combined.

He added that this war against terrorism is expected to cost $20 billion a year, which he called "pocket change" compared to the overall defense budget.

Watch the full discussion from "Bulls & Bears" above.

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