Coast Guard Petty Officers Andy Burns, William Peters and Dominic Potter are accustomed to saving human beings from the water.

On September 18, however, they received a distress call of a different kind.

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While conducting training exercises in Michigan's Saginaw River, Burns heard a report over the radio of a juvenile bald eagle that was wounded and could not get out of the water.

Burns, Peters and Potter immediately turned their rescue boat around and set a course to find the injured animal, spotting her exhausted and swimming with her wings along the sea wall.

After getting permission from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and the property owners, they were able to safely pull the bird from the water, taking her to the department's wildlife refuge to rehabilitate.

The eagle - who has been named "America" because of her fighting spirit - is scheduled to be released back into the wild this November to soar again.

Watch the feel-good clip from "Fox and Friends Weekend" above.

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