In his U.N. speech this week, President Obama appeared to praise a controversial Muslim cleric, Sheikh Abdallah Bin Bayyah. He called the cleric a moderate Muslim leader who could help combat ISIS.

Why Was Muslim Scholar With Radical Ties at White House?

However the cleric’s group once backed a fatwa that called for the deaths of American soldiers in 2004 and bin Bayyah has also been called a Hamas supporter.

Still, the administration says he is not radical because in March 2013, he was at the center of a group of 200 Muslim scholars who met at a forum promoting peace.

The administration also came under fire in 2013 for inviting bin Bayyah to the White House.

State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf sat down with Megyn Kelly Thursday night, pointing out that bin Bayyah has recently issued a fatwa against ISIS.

Megyn highlighted the fact that earlier this year the State Department's Counter Terrorism Bureau apologized for a tweet promoting bin Bayyah, yet he still made it into the president's address.

Harf attempted to explain why bin Bayyah was mentioned in the speech, arguing that right now bin Bayyah is an example of Muslims who reject ISIS' ideology.

"Be honest, that must have been embarrassing for you. They're putting you in a very difficult position aren't they?" Megyn asked.

Harf answered that she's "perfectly happy with the decision to mention him in that speech," saying she doesn't know why the tweet was sent or taken down.

Watch the full interview above, including questions on the military actions against ISIS.