The Ailes Apprentice Program is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with its annual series which features inspiring stories from the Hispanic/Latino community.

This morning on “Fox & Friends,” Alicia Acuna brought us the story of Martin Mayorga, the CEO of Mayorga Coffee.

He's not your typical corporate executive though. You see, instead of an office, Martin spends a lot of time in the fields of Honduras with the farmers that make his success possible.

Mayorga pointed out a "twisted" practice in the industry, saying companies want to keep local farmers poor.

He said in order to harvest a crop, local farmers need money.

"Well, banks won't lend to them so who will loan to them? The people who will buy from them. They loan them money at 18, 25, 30 percent interest and make them commit all their harvest to them at a rock bottom price."

In response to that, Mayorga started importing, roasting and selling the coffee beans himself, eliminating the middlemen who he believed were choking off farmers' profits.

Watch the full report above to learn how Martin went from a cigar shop employee/telemarketer to a successful entrepreneur.

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