On the "Special Report" All-Star Panel, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Charles Krauthammer and Ron Fournier weighed in on the legacy of Attorney General Eric Holder, who announced Thursday that he will resign once a replacement is confirmed.

Is Holder's Resignation Tied to a Possible Shift of Senate Control?

Fournier says the "timing is obvious": the administration wants to confirm a replacement before Republicans win the Senate, which in his view is "likely" to happen in November.

Fournier says Obama is losing his "lightning rod," someone who has taken a lot of the criticism that would have otherwise been directed at the president.

Napolitano believes the administration under Obama and Holder has been the "least faithful to the Constitution" of any in modern times.

"Every time that Barack Obama has bent, broken, avoided or evaded the Constitution or federal law, Eric Holder has been at his side cheering him on, providing intellectual cover and purporting to give him legal advice authorizing what the president wanted to do," said Napolitano, highlighting that Holder has made legal arguments in favor of spying on Americans and killing American terror suspects overseas.

Krauthammer joked that he thought he'd be presenting a tough view of Holder until he heard Napolitano's thoughts.

Krauthammer said fighting for racial justice is "perfectly honorable," but there are other positions in which you can do that other than as the United States Attorney General.

"He's been after an agenda and if the Constitution was in the way, he trampled on the Constitution. ... [Holder is] a political attorney general, that's not the way it's supposed to be," he argued, noting Holder's withholding of documents on "Fast and Furious," investigating Fox News' James Rosen and "stonewalling" the Lois Lerner investigation.

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Is Holder's Resignation Tied to a Possible Shift of Senate Control?