The massive manhunt for a suspected Pennsylvania cop killer and self-taught survivalist is still going after nearly two weeks.

Eric Frein is suspected in an ambush two weeks ago on a police barracks, which killed one state trooper and also wounded another officer.

Using search dogs and aerial assets, police and the FBI have been searching for 31-year-old Frein in rugged terrain and heavily wooded areas of the Pocono mountains.

Fox News' Rick Leventhal has been reporting from on the ground in northeast Pennsylvania, where police believe they are closing in on Frein.

He explained this morning that Frein now appears to be "making a game" out of the manhunt, purposely showing himself at great distances and then disappearing again into the remote woods.

Police have recovered soiled adult diapers believed to be from Frein and Serbian cigarettes. Weary residents are wondering how much longer this will go on.

Leventhal reports that the search is intensifying, especially in and around a 400-room abandoned hotel (below). Police say there are many abandoned properties in the area that could be hiding places.

He also cautioned that scammers have been calling locals and trying to solicit "donations" to aid the search, which has forced some people to stay inside and shut down schools.

More than 1,000 officers and federal agents are participating in the search.

Stay tuned to Fox News for the latest on the manhunt and follow Rick on Twitter for updates.

LIVE REPORT: Police Search Deep Woods, Rugged Terrain for 'Survivalist' Cop Killer