Programming Note: Tonight at 10p ET on "Hannity," it's a must-see debate as two of the men who were on the ground during the Benghazi attack take on a Democratic lawmaker who has disputed their claims about a "stand down" order. Watch a preview clip of the contentious debate, here.

You might remember radical Muslim cleric Anjem Choudary from a Hannity broadcast last month. During a fierce back-and-forth, Choudary claimed that beheadings are permissible under Islamic law, defended ISIS and warned that Sharia law is "coming to a place near you."

Hannity answered that "eventually the world's going to wake up ... and every radical Islamist like you will be wiped off the face of the earth."

(Watch that interview in full, here.)

Now, Greg Palkot reports that Choudary was among nine men rounded up during anti-terror raids in London overnight. The men are suspected of encouraging terrorism and belonging to banned organizations.

It is not believed the arrests were linked to any specific threat or attack.

Choudary most recently claimed that he has no pity for a British aid worker, Alan Henning, who has been threatened with beheading by ISIS terrorists.

According to, Choudary is the former leader of the Islamist group al-Muhajiroun, or Islam 4 UK, which was banned by the British government in 2010. He is suspected of radicalizing hundreds of fighters for ISIS, including the man believed to have beheaded American journalist James Foley.

The raids come as lawmakers get set to vote on a resolution authorizing British involvement in the U.S.-led campaign against ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

Since the measure is expected to pass, Royal Air Force jets could be in the air alongside U.S. aircraft as early as this weekend, Palkot reports.

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