A Los Angeles-area woman found herself in a precarious situation Wednesday after she crawled out out of her upstairs bedroom window to escape an intruder.

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The homeless man had broken into the home, then tracked down Melora Rivera on the roof. Luckily, Rivera - who was wearing only a flannel shirt - had grabbed her cell phone and called police from the roof.

The suspect, identified as Christian Hicks, is shown peering over the roof as Rivera cowers below under an overhang.

When Venice Beach police and firefighters arrived, they helped Rivera off the roof and Hicks was arrested.

Neighbors reportedly said they have seen Hicks in the area often and police were called earlier in the day when someone complained that he was in their yard.

Rivera said she's seen Hicks before and he appeared to be mentally ill.

The whole incredible scene was live-tweeted by Alexandria Thompson, who lives near Rivera:

Read more on the arrest at CBS Los Angeles.

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