The family of a U.S. Marine is demanding answers after Department of Veterans Affairs records indicated that their son had canceled an appointment four days after his death.

Cpl. Jordan Buisman died on Nov. 26, 2012 while waiting for an appointment with a VA doctor in Minneapolis. The records indicate, however, that Buisman called to rescheduled his appointment on Nov. 30.

Here's more on the story from KARE 11

Earlier this month KARE 11 News reported that two former employees had filed a formal whistleblower complaint with the Veterans Administration's Office of Inspector General claiming they were instructed to falsify records to make it appear that veterans were cancelling or delaying appointments. They say the practice allowed VA managers to hide long appointment delays.

"So it doesn't look like we're the ones causing the delay," former scheduler Letty Alonso told KARE 11. "It looks like the patient wants that delay."

Alonso and fellow whistleblower Heather Rossbach were not involved in Buisman's case, but they say it's an example of the type of appointment record falsification that prompted them to file their complaint.

Both women say they were fired after they objected to fraudulent practices. They are contesting their firings through the Office of Special Counsel.

Buisman's mother and her attorney joined Steve Doocy to discuss the troubling discovery. Lisa Riley explained that she first started looking into her son's death because he had tried to make an appointment with a neurologist for a seizure disorder and had already been waiting 70 days before he passed away.

"If he had been seen sooner or expeditiously, he would have possibly still been alive. The expert gave him more than a 50% chance of still being alive today had he seen a doctor right away," she said.

Attorney Michael Bryant said this doesn't appear to have been an isolated incident within the VA, but in Buisman's case there is "absolutely no question" he did not make the phone call as the records indicate.

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