Michael Tammero got a bit of a workout this morning on the latest In the FOXlight, as fitness guru Shaun T gave him the lowdown on his latest workout routine, the Focus T25.

Tammero, who dropped 50 pounds himself over the past five years, asked the "Insanity" workout creator whether he ever cheats a little bit.

Shaun said he doesn't like to use the word "cheat," believing that people should try to be 85% healthy and leave the other 15% for fun.

He explained that the idea of the T25 is to give people an intense workout with no breaks in just 25 minutes. It's designed for those who can't find the time for exercise.

His newest workout, the Insanity Max 30, comes out in December.

See how Mike's workout went in the clip above from Fox and Friends and check out more on T25, here.

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