A Utah special needs teacher who brings a gun to school says it’s not dangerous – it’s a matter of protecting her students. Kasey Hansen says every teacher should carry a gun as they are the first line of defense.

In more than two dozen states, adults who legally own guns can carry them in public schools.

The hosts of “The Five” tonight debated whether or not this is dangerous.

Eric Bolling said if guns were allowed at Newtown, there would have been far fewer casualties.

Pro-Gun Control Group: Most Schools Don't Want Their Teachers to Have Guns

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Kimberly Guilfoyle said we must look at the facts and circumstances. “Schools are a weak spot, bad guys know they are gun free zones […] why can’t we be honest about what’s going on and do something to help save kids?”

Andrea Tantaros said that while she is OK with having a trained security person carry a gun, she isn’t sure if she can get behind every teacher carrying a gun because she worries about them ending up in students’ hands.

“I would prefer the teacher to focus on teaching and have a security officer worry about keeping the kids safe," she said.

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