Shepard Smith today took on State Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki over airstrikes in Syria.

Smith pressed Psaki on the legality of the airstrikes, asking under what authority the U.S. is acting there. She said that, domestically, the U.S. is acting under the AUMF of 2002, which allows the U.S. to go after al Qaeda-linked groups. She explained that ISIS has been linked to al Qaeda. Internationally, she said the issue is about the self-defense of Iraq, a nation threatened by the ISIS safe havens in Syria.

“You’re working under the Cheney document,” Smith said.

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“Certainly not, we work under international law, we work under domestic law,” Psaki said.

“Sounds Cheney document to me,” Smith remarked.

The two also discussed the international coalition and Iraq’s new government. Smith said he’s not sure about the new government, noting that the former prime minister said good words in the beginning, but then kicked dissenters out of the government.

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 “You’re right, the proof is always in the pudding […] we’re gonna see, but we’re encouraged by what we’ve seen so far,” Psaki told him.

Watch part one above and part two below.