Bill O'Reilly stopped by "Fox and Friends" this morning to further explain his plan for a 25,000-strong mercenary force to take on ISIS.

But he was also asked by the hosts about what has been dubbed the "latte salute."

President Obama stepped off Marine One yesterday with the First Lady, and saluted the Marines below with a coffee cup in his hand.

Karl Rove and many others across social media immediately called out the gesture as being disrespectful after the White House posted it on Instagram.

O'Reilly, though, was not nearly as outraged, explaining that this falls into the "don't sweat the small stuff" category.

"I know a lot of people don't like President Obama, but once in a while ya gotta cut him a little slack. He didn't mean anything malevolent," said "The Factor" host, joking "if he had dumped the coffee on the Marine, then we'd have a problem."

Elisabeth countered that maybe the gesture is inappropriate in a time of war.

Liberal commentator Sally Kohn offered the following defense of the president on Twitter:

Watch the exchange above and tell us: are you, like Bill, willing to cut the president some slack?