If Mitt Romney decides to make a third run at the White House, as many are calling for, he has the advantage of his positions on foreign policy from the 2012 election looking superior in hindsight to those of President Obama.

Romney may have been right on major policy issues, including his warning about the danger of the U.S. military leaving Iraq too early and also the importance of arming Syrian rebels, something the president finally got around to doing just several days ago.

Romney Hopes to See ‘Follow-Through From Obama That’s Been Missing in the Past’

“If Mitt Romney thinks he’s going to get an apology here, that’s not going to happen,” Sandra Smith said on “Outnumbered” today, adding he likely deserves one from both Obama and Vice President Biden, who mocked Romney's policies during the 2012 election.

“Bottom line: this means that Mitt Romney’s messaging wasn’t good,” Smith asserted. “He didn’t get his message out.”

David Asman said that the key question will be whether or not Romney is tough enough to take on the Hillary Clinton machine, which figures to be a daunting force in the 2016 election.

Romney: 'No Question' I'd Be a Better President Than Obama or Hillary Clinton

Andrea Tantaros said that Romney’s wife, Ann, made the strongest point on her husband’s behalf on “Your World with Neil Cavuto” yesterday, pointing out that ISIS would not have had the ability to invade Iraq if Romney had been president.

“There’s other things that would have happened that would have made the equation a little bit tilted in our favor,” she said to Cavuto.

“That should have come from Mitt Romney, himself,” Tantaros stated. “He was a weak candidate. He would make a better president than President Obama, but his policy on Syria was wrong.”

Asman concluded that Romney has to decide quickly, because the Democratic party already has their likely candidate in Clinton.

“Mitt’s got to declare himself quickly or the Democrats will have even more of a jumpstart.”

Watch the clip from “Outnumbered” above.

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