One man's quest to raise money for veterans has turned into a "Grand" undertaking.

Matthew Vance phoned into "The Real Story" this afternoon in the midst of his "2014 Feat for Justice" fundraising hike from rim-to-rim-to-rim of the Grand Canyon, covering 48 miles and an elevation change of more than 20,000 feet, all to raise money for veterans of the U.S. military who need legal assistance.

The Veterans Justice Project - which is run through New Mexico Legal Aid - is a program offering free legal services to veterans.

This afternoon, Vance told Gretchen Carlson he was about a mile from the Grand Canyon's north rim trail head, about 23 miles into his hike.

“It’s gonna be tough, but, yes, I’m on track,” Vance said, noting he expects to finish the massive hike within his goal time of 22 hours.

“I’ll probably take about a half-hour break here up at the top and have a bagel with some peanut butter and some beef jerky.”

Vance explained that the money he raises through his "no camping, no sleeping, no slacking" hike will benefit our brave fighting men and women when they return to the U.S., should they need legal assistance.

“It’s so that when our veterans return into our community, and if they face a civil or legal matter, they will have representation.”

Watch the feel-good clip from "The Real Story" above.

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