Police in Utah have just released a 911 call from two teen girls who were kidnapped off a residential street. On the call, one of the girls is crying and tells the dispatcher that she believes her friend is hurt.

The two girls, ages 16 and 17, say they went for a walk at about 2 a.m. on Sept. 9 without telling the parents in the home.

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They were approached by two men and a woman in a red SUV and asked if they needed a ride. When they declined, they told police that the men jumped out and forced them into the vehicle.

The girls were bound with duct tape and left in the vehicle, but one of them broke free. The girls, not knowing where they were, ran up to a woman on the street and borrowed her cellphone to call 911.

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Police are looking for new leads in the case in hopes of locating the abductors.

Read more on the story from KUTV in Salt Lake City:

The girls reunited with their parents late Tuesday night, but both have been traumatized, their mothers told 2News days after the incident.

"It was horrible. Some of the things they were trying to relay they weren’t even able to speak about," said Bountiful Police Lt. Dave Edwards. "They forcibly abducted these girls, held them duct-taped in the back of the vehicle, kept them from seeing or viewing where they were."

Nearly two weeks after the incident, Bountiful detectives have no new information. Callers initially provided tips, but police are no longer receiving leads. They are again asking the public for information.

"We have all of our resources deployed on this, trying to follow up on every lead," Edwards said. "Every bit of evidence that we have at this point points to this is a valid abduction, that these girls were taken against their will and that these people are still at large in our community."

The teens provided the following description of the suspects to Bountiful police: The first suspect is a tall, slender, white man, between the ages of 20 and 25, with brown hair and a tattoo on one of his arms. The second suspect is a tall, white man, between 30 and 35, with dark brown hair and a medium build. The woman is white with blond hair, between 25 and 35, with a heavy-set build.

Police are seeking information about the suspects or details from anyone who was in the Bountiful neighborhood where the girls disappeared or the Santaquin area where they called for help. Bountiful police can be reached at (801) 298-6000.