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In tonight's Talking Points Memo, Bill O'Reilly said that President Obama is trying to be both a tough guy and a statesman, as he attempts to rally the world against Islamic jihad, which has gone unchecked for far too long.

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O'Reilly said that in his speech at the United Nations this morning, the president gave a decent effort at rallying the world against terrorism, but all must join in the fight.

"Many Americans, including this one, are fed up with fighting the jihad without much help from other nations," "The Factor" host stated, noting that despite Obama's calls for the world to unite against the Islamic killers, powerful countries such as China and Russia have waited on the sidelines.

"Countries like Germany, Spain, Japan and India do little to combat the jihad," O'Reilly added. "Sure, they'll give us intel if they have it, but you don't see leadership from much of the world."

He said that France, Great Britain, Canada and Australia are pretty much the only other major contributors other than the U.S.

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O'Reilly saluted the president's efforts to get Muslim nations on board against the jihadists, but declared that Obama is making a mistake by not singling out irresponsible Muslim nations.

"Let’s begin to call out the nations that enable the terrorists," O'Reilly said. "But that is not Mr. Obama's style. After all that's happened, he still sees himself as a uniter. He's still hesitant to go all-out against the jihadists."

"The president is training and equipping the wrong people," O'Reilly continued. "Muslims are not going to defeat other Muslims. They can help, but they cannot be the major force on the ground."

O'Reilly said that the fighting has to be done by responsible, motivated people, and he reiterated his idea of an international anti-terror mercenary force under the supervision of Congress, led by American and NATO officers.

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O'Reilly called it "grossly unfair" for Americans to bear most of the cost in blood and treasure in the war on terror.

"Sadly, I have no confidence the world will step up and do much at all. People are selfish, frightened and apathetic to the suffering of others."

"The world needs straight talk and bold action. President Obama's diplomacy and statesman-like posture has not worked and likely will not work in the future," O'Reilly concluded.

"It’s going to take another 9/11-type attack to convince some folks that a world war is indeed underway ..And that attack could come at any time, because for far too long, the world has tolerated the jihad."

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