Dick and Liz Cheney were on “Hannity” tonight to weigh in on the latest in the fight against ISIS.

“Barack Obama has consistently demonstrated I think a refusal to accept good military advice in terms of how he actually uses the force,” the former vice president told Sean Hannity, saying that Obama lacks respect for senior commanders.

He also said Obama has a world view that is inconsistent with reality.

Cheney told Hannity that he has long been concerned about a linkage between terrorism and deadlier weapons.

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“I worry very much that right now we’ve got two trends operating in the Middle East,” he said, naming the proliferation of terrorist organizations and the continued development of nuclear weapons by Iran.

While Cheney said that the participation of the Emirates and Saudis is a plus, he said “it doesn’t get you over the goal line, it’s just sort of the beginning of a campaign.” The former vice president said we’re a long way from solving this problem.

Meanwhile, Liz Cheney called the ISIS strategy that Obama has laid out “insufficient” and said that defeating ISIS is going to require more than just airstrikes.

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“We’ve got to go back on offense in the war on terror,” she said.

Watch part one of the exclusive interview above and part two below.