A pistol-packing pastor took matters into his own hands when packages kept disappearing from his home and others in his Baytown, Texas neighborhood.

The Vietnam veteran set up a surveillance camera and eventually took down the suspected burglar, a 52-year-old grandma.

Holmes recalled that packages started disappearing two years ago and he once saw the same woman in his yard. At that time, he believed her when she claimed to just be looking for her dog.

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The police were looking for her, but the packages kept going missing, including some of the pastor's robes.

After observing more thefts, he decided to simply wait by a window one day in hopes that the woman would show up again. He said it took all day, but he spotted her car at around 5 p.m.

"This time, when she walked around the corner she met my .45 and me. I knew I had to do it that way to let her know you have violated me for the very last time," said Holmes.

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The police then arrived and made the arrest. Holmes said he even barked at the woman when she tried to claim, again, that she was only there looking for her dog.

Pastor Holmes has since invited the woman to his church, saying the Bible tells people to forgive.

"I never wanted to put anybody on the ground like that. But when you push a person to the brink of 'enough is enough.' And I look at it as, she was letting the devil use her. I had to use what I had to use," he explained.

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