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Jennifer Griffin pressed Lt. Gen. William Mayville, Director of Operations, J-3 and a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, on the need for ground forces in Syria.

At a Pentagon briefing this afternoon, Mayville described last night's military actions by the United States inside Syria as "very successful" and detailed what targets were hit. (More on that, here.)

Griffin pressed Mayville on how the current effort is any different from a "whack-a-mole" strategy, since no U.S. troops will be deployed inside Syria and the training of so-called moderate Syrian rebels is expected to take a year to complete.

She asked whether any ground troops will be needed until Syrian rebels are ready to fight against ISIS.

Mayville repeated that there will be no U.S. ground troops in Syria. He called the training of Syrian rebels a "multi-year" campaign that has just begun.

"I think we're appropriately sized for the task that we've been given," he answered.

Watch the exchange above.