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Despite nearly 200 airstrikes in Iraq in recent weeks, ISIS has allegedly scored another victory.

The terror group has reportedly attacked an Iraqi army base, and 300-500 Iraqi soldiers may be missing.

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Experts say that the attack built up over several days, and Iraqi commanders knew it was coming. First, ISIS fighters reportedly took control of the supply route into the base, leaving soldiers low on food, water, and reinforcements. The soldiers’ calls to commanders for help reportedly did not arrive. Soldiers later got word that a rescue mission was underway, but the Iraqi tanks and trucks let into the base were driven by suicide bombers.

Estimated numbers of soldiers killed, missing or hiding range from several dozen to several hundred, and 30 captured soldiers were paraded through the streets of Fallujah.

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The Iraq Defense Ministry has acknowledged that it has lost contact with soldiers. The Iraqi prime minister says commanders will be interrogated or charged with negligence.

The Pentagon says it is working to confirm this report.

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