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Charles Krauthammer believes ISIS wanted the United States to take new military action in Iraq and Syria and that's why the terrorist army beheaded three Westerners and posted the videos online.

He told Elisabeth Hasselbeck this morning that he does not support the theory that the beheadings, including of two American journalists, were a miscalculation by ISIS. Krauthammer argues that ISIS wants a fight against the United States.

"They think in the end, like everywhere else, we will tire. ... They want to be the new al Qaeda. They want to supersede everybody. They want to be the one true crusade against the West. And by taking on America, you rise to our stature. I think that was behind the beheadings. I think their bringing us in was intended," said Krauthammer.

Krauthammer called Turkey's absence from the coalition "glaring," arguing that the country borders Syria, is a NATO ally and has an interest in stopping ISIS. He believes it would be a "masterstroke" if President Obama can bring Turkey into the coalition, but added that the country's Islamist government is playing a "double game."

He said he cannot see ISIS being degraded and defeated in Syria without an effective ground force. Krauthammer said a "half victory" is possible, explaining that there are ground forces in Iraq that are capable of defeating the terror group with U.S. support.

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