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Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair stopped by "Fox and Friends" this morning and was asked why more of our European allies are not participating in the military campaign against ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

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U.S. airstrikes, with help from five Arab allies, began last night on ISIS targets inside Syria.

Blair said he agrees that action must be taken against ISIS inside Syria and hopes more European nations join the coalition.

He called ISIS the "single biggest" threat to British security, specifically jihadists coming back from Syria.

On British involvement against ISIS, Blair said he is confident that the country will eventually be "there with the U.S.," but believes PM David Cameron wants to work with Parliament first.

Blair said just in recent weeks we've seen terror plots foiled in Australia and Norway, arguing that the world is in for a "long, hard fight" against radical Islam.

He pointed out increasing terror threats coming out of Libya, Nigeria, Somalia and Yemen.

Watch the full interview above.

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