Filmmaker and outspoken Obama critic Dinesh D’Souza was sentenced to five years of probation with community service for an illegal campaign donation to a friend.

In a “Kelly File” exclusive, D’Souza said that the government tried to lock him up for 10-16 months, but a Bill Clinton-appointed judge said no.

“My own country tried to get me and put me away, and the court said no,” D’Souza said, explaining that this whole ordeal has affirmed his faith in the judicial system.

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“This was really an effort to put me out of business,” he noted.

As part of his sentence, D’Souza will have to live in a community confinement center in San Diego for eight months. While he said he’s not exactly sure what that is, he said a good part of his sentence is that he will teach English to new immigrants, adding that he’s “very happy to do it.”

Megyn Kelly asked, “Well what are you going to do? Can you imagine other people in [the confinement center], saying ‘Isn’t that the guy who made those movies?’”

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“Believe me they’re all gonna be Republicans by end of it,” he laughed.

Watch the interview above.