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Charles Krauthammer was on “The O’Reilly Factor” tonight where he challenged Bill’s call for a paid international mercenary army overseen by the United States to fight jihadists.

Krauthammer told O’Reilly, “With your idea you’ve gone from out of the box to off the wall.”

Krauthammer said that Americans have trouble bearing the losses of using our own infantry, and that O’Reilly’s idea does not solve the problem because the U.S. would still have Americans in command and Americans who could sign up for the army. If we lose them, we won’t suffer less, he argued.

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O’Reilly countered that it’s not fair for the U.S. to have to fight the brunt of terror all over the world and said we need an alternative.

“The terrorists know there’s no will to fight them in the West […] this would change that mentality,” O’Reilly argued.

“Saying that something is needed is not an argument for why it’s gonna work,” Krauthammer remarked,  arguing that the U.S. would inevitably suffer losses through this highly paid mercenary army.

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He noted another problem, which is the people who would likely sign up for the mercenary army.

“The problem is do you really wanna be running around the world responsible for a band of desperados […] do you want to recruit from the same pool that ISIS is?”

O’Reilly said he has confidence that this could work, but he appreciates Krauthammer’s dissent.

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So, where do you stand on the idea of an international mercenary army – with O’Reilly or with Krauthammer? Sound off in the comments below.