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In tonight’s “Special Report,” Kirsten Powers took on Charles Krauthammer over ISIS.

Charles Krauthammer said that the current war is different than the one in Iraq that spanned a decade. Still, he said, “The irony is that Obama was dragged into this war and he is now a war president as a result of the fact that he did the wrong thing in 2011.”

Krauthammer said that Obama evacuated Iraq and did nothing in Syria back then.

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He remarked, “It was in the vacuum that […] ISIS was born and ISIS grew unchallenged.”

But Powers disagreed with Krauthammer on this point.

“That doesn’t make any sense,” Powers said.

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She noted that Krauthammer was calling on the administration to arm the Syrian rebels to fight Assad, but that ISIS would have been on the same side as the people that the U.S. were arming.

Krauthammer responded, “ISIS went into the space created by the absence and the weakness of the Free Syrian Army.”

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