The Secret Service is reportedly considering setting up a larger perimeter around the White House following Friday's major security scare.

A military veteran named Omar Gonzalez jumped the White House fence, ran across the North Lawn and got through an unlocked door before the Secret Service apprehended him.

The idea of encroaching further on the area around the White House gates maybe a controversial one, and Judge Andrew Napolitano believes all the White House needs to do is focus on improving security within the current perimeter.

He pointed out that a larger perimeter would mean the Secret Service would need to account for areas around two hotels and a church.

"The American people will not accept that. Just secure the perimeter. Leave the public alone when they're going about their business on the outside," Napolitano said on "The Real Story."

Napolitano called it "insane" to increase the perimeter, saying it's already 17 acres.

Watch the full interview above, including on the major turnover among top officials at DHS.