The "Outnumbered" hosts reacted right after White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest made some remarks on Friday's security breach.

WATCH: White House Fence-Jumper Sprints Across Lawn

We're now learning that the man who jumped the White House fence was an Iraq war veteran. He was carrying a pocket knife, but his family says he was not trying to harm anyone and suffers from PTSD.

Earnest said the Secret Service will now carry out a comprehensive review of its security procedures. He said they will look at the positioning of personnel and whether additional agents are needed.

"Providing security at the White House is complicated business," said Earnest, noting that thousands of tourists go into the White House on a typical day.

Earnest said President Obama is "obviously concerned" about what occurred Friday but still has "complete confidence" in the Secret Service.

Jedediah Bila and Andrea Tantaros agreed on the need for stronger actions to be taken, arguing that someone needs to be fired over the incident.

"If we can't protect the White House, Americans looking at this are saying, how are we supposed to protect the rest of the country? We're having serious discussions about terrorism and they're making it out like, 'well this is a tough job, ya know, we have to balance privacy and security'. This is the White House!" said Bila, adding that she'd like to see some footage of what Secret Service agents on the White House lawn were doing at that moment.

Tantaros said Earnest's remarks are just the latest example of a lack of accountability in the Obama administration.

Watch Earnest's statements and the reaction above.