A growing number of schools across the country are banning after-school assignments to lessen stress on children and families.

Some educators and parents say homework has become too time-consuming and support the lighter workload, but others are concerned it might hurt kids in the long run.

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On "Outnumbered" today, Jedediah Bila said that it's the quality of the homework that is important, not the quantity.

"Give homework that makes sense, that reinforces what you did in class. Give variety that makes kids think, but it doesn't need to take all night," Bila said.

Andrea Tantaros pointed out that many of the best schools actually give less homework because they know the students receive rigorous instruction during the day.

Noting a recent study that found that the average high school student spends 6.8 hours a week on homework, Sandra Smith said kids simply aren't doing their learning at school.

Watch the clip above.

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