Congress has given bipartisan approval to President Obama's plan to train Syrian rebels to help combat ISIS. Many members of Congress and even the president's top military advisors, however, have expressed doubts about the plan.

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Rep Peter King (R-NY) and Adam Schiff (D-NY) appeared on Fox News Sunday this afternoon to discuss the president's strategy for dealing with the brutal terror group.

"I think it's very important that we get the support of our regional allies," Schiff said, who noted that support will likely be limited and often reluctant.

"I do think it's significant that Saudi Arabia is now willing to overtly, openly host training for this rebel force," Schiff added.

"But they're not doing it because they love us. They're doing it because they recognize ISIS is a threat to them."

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King agreed that the U.S. should work on bringing allies into a broad, united coalition, but asserted that fighting ISIS is in the United States' best interest, and we can't be waiting for allies to materialize.

"We can't be beholden to a coalition because we're not doing this out of humanitarian purposes, and, quite frankly, we're not doing it for the people of Syria or Iraq," King said. "Ultimately, we're doing it because it's in our national interest to do so."

"We can't be waiting for other countries."

Watch the clip from Fox News Sunday above.

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