Virginia State Police have obtained a warrant for two counts of reckless driving for a person of interest in the disappearance of University of Virginia student Hannah Graham, Charlottesville Police Chief Timothy J. Longo said on Sunday.

Longo said police want to speak to Jesse Matthew regarding Graham, who has not been seen in more than a week.

"We want to talk to Jesse Matthew. We want to talk to him about his interaction with this sweet young girl we can’t find," Longo said.

Police had previously stopped short of releasing Matthew's name, the man who they say may be the last person seen with Graham, but they had released surveillance footage of him and described his appearance and car.

WDBJ7 reported:

Longo said investigators were "overtly" trailing Matthew on Saturday and tracked him to a home in Albermarle County. Longo said Matthew then drove away from the home at a high rate of speed.

Earlier Saturday, Matthew showed up at the Charlottesville Police Department, and asked for a lawyer. He was given a lawyer, Longo said.  Matthew is a person of interest in the investigation, but investigators would not go as far as calling Matthew a suspect.

Investigators believe Graham and Matthew left the restaurant Tempo together between 1:20 a.m. and 1:40 a.m. Saturday morning in Charlottesville.


Investigators searched Matthew's apartment Friday. They are waiting back for the results of forensic tests.

Longo spoke to Bill Hemmer Monday morning on "America's Newsroom," reiterating that authorities want to formally interview Matthew.

Longo said when Matthew came to a police station voluntarily on Saturday, police had no probable cause to arrest him and are still only calling him a "person of interest" in Graham's disappearance.

Responding to a question about his displays of emotion during the past week, Longo says as a parent and grandparent he can relate to what the Graham family is going through.

Watch the interview above.