"No one expects a president to be perfect," Mike Huckabee said last night in his opening remarks. "We understand that they have flaws and sometimes their flaws are something they say or the way they say it. It sometimes is an awkward turn of phrase that haunts them forever."

Huckabee pointed to President Clinton questioning of the meaning of the word "is" and President Bush humorously mangling the old "fool me once" saying.

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"But sometimes, one has to wonder if the President just wants to keep from being straightforward," Huckabee said, noting that President Obama has repeatedly said the U.S. will not deploy combat troops back in Iraq, while top-level officials like Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey have left that door open.

"It appears that President Obama can't really figure out if we're in a war or just a counterterrorism action," Huckabee said, adding that the president and his people are all about avoiding the dreaded "W" word.

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"Look, there has long been the understanding of something called the 'fog of war,' that means that once a war starts there is chaos and confusion. But this may be the first time that the fog is whether we are at war," Huckabee stated.

He added that our armed forces are intended overwhelm our enemies with massive force.  According to Huckabee, we've attempted to operate in Iraq and Afghanistan with limited personnel and limited force, and the result has been long and drawn out campaigns that have muddled missions and unclear objectives.

"Better not use the military than to use them for anything less than the type of operation that makes the world scared to death to unleash them," Huckabee asserted.

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"You know, we learn in grade school on the playground that the bully never messes with the kid who can kick his butt. He messes with the one he knows can't or won't. We need to be the nation no one wants to poke, knowing that if we stand up, they will fall down."

"You know, folks, we don't have a military because we want to use them," Huckabee concluded. "We have them so that if we do need them, there will be no doubt as to the outcome. And there is nothing unclear about that."

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