In the wake of the media's explosion over the Ray Rice video and domestic abuse allegations against a handful of other high-profile players, Howard Kurtz asked on Media Buzz today if the media is in a crusade against the NFL and how that might affect the most popular sports league in the U.S.

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Joe Concha noted that last week's Sunday Night Football hit a three-year high in ratings and 90% of NFL fans stated their viewing habits will not be affected by the NFL's many scandals.

"While they may be shocked and they may be dismayed, on Sundays, Howie, they're not tuning out. That's not affecting the business. Therefore, the NFL goes on and goes upward," Concha asserted.

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Marisa Guthrie said that the reason this has caused so much outrage is because for years the NFL turned a blind eye to the violent, sometimes criminal, behavior of some of its players.

She added that it is a positive that we are now engaging in a national debate about domestic violence and child abuse, as the issues in the NFL have opened the floodgates to those important discussions.

Watch the clip from Media Buzz above.