Over the weekend, protesters in Baghdad rallied against the U.S. military returning to Iraq, while, in his weekly address, President Obama continued to insist that U.S. ground troops are not an option.

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Retired four-star Gen. Jack Keane joined Maria Bartiromo today on Sunday Morning Futures and said it is unlikely the U.S. can win the war against ISIS without troops on the ground.

He said the airstrike campaign will be effective, and is important, but a ground force will be necessary to actually drive ISIS out.

The ground forces currently stationed there - the Iraqi Army, the Kurdish Peshmerga and various Sunni tribes - are unproven against an enemy as dangerous as ISIS, according to Keane.

Bartiromo noted that we already have special forces on the ground, but we must give those troops everything they need to succeed.

Watch the clip from Sunday Morning Futures above.

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