On last night’s “Justice,” Judge Jeanine Pirro warned, as she has for months, that ISIS will launch an attack on U.S. soil, "as a legion or lone wolves," and Americans should be afraid.

"The simple truth: we are not prepared," Pirro said. "And certainly not ready." 

Watch her opening statement above, and read the full transcript below.

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Tonight, America faces the single biggest threat in her more than 200 year history, worse than what we faced in World War I, World War II, the attack on Pearl Harbor and Al Qaeda on 9/11.

I'm telling you, ISIS - if not already on American soil - will be here.

They are coming. And whether they come as a legion or lone wolves, the damage will be painful and it will be extensive. It will happen here on our soil.   

You are fortunate that you live in a country virtually untouched by war. While in other parts of the world it’s their daily fare.

Except for military families the horrors that we watch on the news could just as well be a world away. But now, this is close.

The simple truth: we are not prepared. And certainly not ready. 

Lone wolves arrested in Washington State, Rochester, NY, and Colorado.

I've been telling you for months that you need to be afraid.

"Now, you know me. Most of the time, I'm fearless. I've spent my life fighting, investigating, prosecuting, and sentencing the worst of the worst, but tonight, I'm worried. You may not know where places like Baghdad, Aleppo, Tehran or Fallujah are, but if you don't think that what happens there matters to you, you're wrong! And I don't care if you live in Beaumont, Texas, New York City, or anaconda, Montana: you need to be afraid." – June 14, 2014

And what we need to do:

"My resolution? Airstrikes. Bomb them, keeping bombing them, bomb them again and again. And I don’t care how long it takes. Just take out ISIS. Take out their convoys, take out those troops." – June 21, 2014

You may have thought it was good TV - even entertaining. But you now know it's not a joke. 

Two Americans beheaded by an English-speaking barbarian. A third, a Brit, while a fourth is lined up for the most brutal, savage end of life experience imaginable

These are not amateurs. They are experts at systematic pervasive torture, mass killings, rape, public crucifixions, beheadings, some even videotaped and used as a propaganda tool to entice those who believe in evil and want to impose hell on the rest of us under the guise of their "god.”

The ISIS terror group owns oil fields. They have a corporate structure. And they bring in 3 million a day selling oil. 

They leverage technology to glorify and recruit more jihadists, all while the world watches while we dither and call them a JV team. 

Like a lion waiting to attack - they watch their prey. They analyze us. They read us. Do we act when Americans are in danger? Do we even react?

Almost two years to arrest the Benghazi ringleader. They know our vulnerabilities and strengths. At times, they are one and the same. We are a free and open society with risks inherent in each.

They know the border is not only open - they know they'll be welcomed with no papers at all. 

And this week's arrests in Australia magnify the global reach of ISIS, where random kidnappings and public beheadings were planned, all linked to ISIS.

Their intent was to actually behead random members of the public: You, anyone! And called these called demonstration killings designed to shock and horrify.  

Yes, everything I’ve been telling you for months is accurate.You need to think September 11, 2001. You need to remember what it felt like then.

Don't sit there and think the government has you covered. Hell, the White House itself and its perimeter were penetrated twice in the last 24 hours. 

And think Boston, as in Boston bombers – two brothers, one a teen. Here on asylum as victims of another country. We do everything for them. And when another country tells us not once but twice they're a terror risk - our FBI investigates and concludes that they're not. 

And when the older brother goes back and forth to the country from which he sought asylum he's not stopped upon his return by ICE or homeland security. These two brothers had the whole city of Boston on lock down with a couple of pressure cookers.

FBI, State police, local police, ATF, all looking for one teen. Do you think anyone would be able to respond to your needs in such a situation? Not a chance!

No one is taking this seriously enough.  If our government were listening, our borders would be closed. 

If they were listening, we'd be bombing ISIS non-stop.

And if they were listening, our president would be following the advice of the military experts united on the issue of boots on the ground.

But instead, our president thinks he knows more than the military experts, a disagreement highlighted this week and virtually unseen in American history.

If our government were listening, we never would have gotten out of Iraq the way we did, with consequences that George bush predicted - and even Leon Panetta said was a mistake. 

And if the government were listening, they would raise the terror threat level.

When people are willing to commit war crimes on camera they're not afraid of us. 

And if only you are listening this time, I’m telling you to batten down the hatches.

Make plans to reach family members in the event of an emergency: teach your children to be alert, get supplies that might not be as easily available, check what your kids - even teens - are looking at online.

It's time for us to come together and take the threat seriously.