At a press conference in which he apologized for his handling of the Ray Rice domestic abuse scandal, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was pressed by a TMZ reporter on why the league was not more curious to see the Ray Rice assault video.

"Why didn't you have the curiosity to go to the casino yourself?" Goodell was asked.

Goodell said Rice was suspended based on the first video of him dragging his then-fiance out of an elevator. He reiterated that the league wants to review how it can improve its investigations of such incidents.

Goodell argued that the league has always worked with law enforcement and has been cautious not to interfere with criminal investigations.

"I would have loved to have seen that tape," he said

"Mr. Commissioner, we found out by one phone call. You guys have a whole legal department. Can you explain that?" reporter Adam Glyn countered.

Goodell answered that he could not explain it, only TMZ can answer that.

Watch the exchange above.