On "Fox and Friends" this morning we heard from two Tennessee high school cheerleaders who defied a ban on prayer before football games.

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Oneida High School stopped prayers before athletic events due to the possibility of legal action from the ACLU or atheist organizations.

According to WBTW-TV, the school district received a letter from the ACLU last year, cautioning that school-sanctioned prayer is unconstitutional.

Instead, they now hold a moment of silence and the two senior cheer captains took it upon themselves to lead both squads and the crowd in reciting the Lord's Prayer.

The captains, Asia Canada and Alley Meyers, told Elisabeth Hasselbeck that prayer and faith means a lot to them and their community.

Meyers said she was "emotional" when she learned that prayers could no longer be recited over the PA system. She said the cheerleaders decided to keep it going on their own, and the whole crowd joined in.

"Our community needs God in it, especially at football games. We pray for the safety of each and every player out there and the cheerleaders and the fans for the drive home," she said.

Watch the full interview above.

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